Sunday, 10 June 2012

what is a webcam driver

What is a webcam driver?

A web cam driver is a little piece of software that a computer uses to communicate and work with a webcam.

Depending on what type of computer you have and which operating system you are runnning on it, you may need different webs cam drivers for the web cam you want to use to work propperly on your computer.

for example a mac will use a different webcam driver to a windows PC.

This has a lot to do with the fact they windows PCs use different software and hardware and as a result they have a diffident way of working compere with a mac.

Where to get webcam drivers form?

Your web cam will have the name of who makes the web cam (i.e. Sony webcam), and also soemwhere on it their will be a serial or product number for that web cam.

by typing the manufacture (i.e. Sony webcam) and the product serial number into Google along with web cam driver,

you should be able to find a web cam driver for it.

once you find the one you need, then download and install it.

then your web cam will work.

you may have to restart you computer after having installed the webcam driver, because the computer may need to reajuste itself to work with the web cam.

Any other questions?

If you have any other PC related problems you would like hlep with...

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How to set up skype

How to set up skype?

  1. download the software form sype site

  • click on join skype

  • then fill in information to create an account.

  1. then connect the web cam and (mic and head phone)
The web cam i decided to go for is the

Because this web cam seems to have the best looking image quality

which you can see on the video that is on the amazon page for this product 

which you can look at now by clicking on the link or image below...


 For the headset for my skype, I decided to go for the

Trust GXT10 Full Size Gaming Headset (PC)

Because this one has ear padding 

which make's it much more comfortable for wearing.

And I also got this because I can then use it for when I am playing games on my PC also.

You can find out more about this mic and headphone by clinking on the image below...


  1. then add contacts to the account who you want to “skype” with
  • click on “add contacts”

  • fill in skype information of the contact you want to add

  1. then skype